I love this!

Dang, I tried to post this from my phone yesterday but I guess it didn't go through. Anyway, remember when AlMiles would review their seasons ep by ep? Well, Dan Harmon is doing that for Community! Granted, it's a little wordy, and it's in FOUR parts, but I love how passionate he is about his show. Obviously this is more for people that are already into Community, but even if you aren't you might get a kick out of reading behind the scenes stuff from a showrunner. In fact, everyone from the writers to the producers to the actors seem totally invested in the show, and their commitment  is inspiring. I've read through the first three parts, and he's really honest about his goals going in for S2, about the support NBC has mostly showed, about how he approaches story pitches to the bigwigs, all kinds of stuff. He's also very tuned in to fan and critic responses. It's refreshing that he doesn't pretend not to care about that kind of stuff. Also, the Britta fan in me was thrilled to hear how much he actually identifies with her character. Britta FTW!

Parks and Recreation is actually my favorite comedy on tv right now (I'll have to start writing about that show), but Community is just ambitious. They tried so many things in S2: A claymation Christmas episode, a Zombie episode, a freaking DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS episode (my fave of the season, and I know nothing about the rules of D&D), even a flashback episode made of entirely new scenes. I talked chiri_chan 's ear off recently about the crossover with Cougar Town--it's been a few weeks and I'm still flailing over it. It was just so perfect, and I love that someone made the effort to pull it off. I wish more showrunners made the kind of effort that Dan Harmon does towards making his show something special.

Here's the link to part one:,57085/

Parts two and three are also up, and part four should be up tomorrow.

As an aside, I saw X-men last night and loved it, although I joked about not really buying that young Magneto was that freaking good-looking. Perhaps Betty Draper is just THE perfect part for January Jones, because I was genuinely surprised that she was so bad in this. The bad reviews she's gotten for this are no joke, she looked like she had never stepped in front of a camera before.